Flying into Blue by Diane Jarvi CD cover

Flying Into Blue

Along with her own original songs, it features Finnish, Karelian, Ingrian and Sami numbers. There are also poems by Rossetti, Keats and Dickinson she has set to music, and a selection of world music sung in Gaelic, Spanish and Yiddish.

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Flying Into Blue is an unconventional collection of songs and lullabies from regions as diverse as Ireland, Mexico, Russian Karelia and Finland, combined with her own fine songwriting and poems set to original music.

Flying Into Blue combines the artistry of her songwriting with her love of world music and poetry. She sings songs in Karelian, Sami, Gaelic and Spanish as well as poetry by Keats, Rossetti, Dickinson and Poe. These are blended with some of her original songs, and features accompaniment by many award-winning instumentalists.

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  • Diane Jarvi, vocals, guitar, kantele
  • Dean Magraw, guitar
  • Dan Newton, accordion
  • Sunita Staneslow, concert harp
  • Laura MacKenzie, woodwinds
  • Marc Anderson, percussion
  • Gordy Johnson, bass
©1999 Lupine Records, Lakehead Music/ASCAP

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  1. Flying Into Blue
  2. The Skylark
  3. Tis the Witching Time of Night
  4. It’s Time
  5. Raisins and Almonds
  6. Arrullo
  7. Aillohas
  8. Aa Tuuti Lasta
  9. The Sea
  10. The Bells
  11. Sleep O Babe
  12. Uni Tulee
  13. Kristiina’s Waltz
  14. Mullach A’Tsi
  15. Makaa Pieni Blatentsaine
  16. All the Pretty Little Ponies
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